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Magnetrol 2 liquid sensors/point level switch 18" probe

Article Sent By: (Etta Rosario)
Etta Rosario is presenting: Magnetrol 2 liquid sensors/point level switch 18" probe
These have been in storage for a while, and some water got in these two and caused a little rusting. They still seem fine, but for this reason I'm selling them together for the price of one.
This item is great for use in a system to sound an alarm if the liquid level in the system is either too high or too low. This is a top of the line unit from Magnetrol, and all the info you need can be found by clicking here: Magnetrol Model 810 website
Feel free to ask me any questions.
Below are some details from the manufacturer's website.
The Kotron Model 810 is a single point switch for alarm applications using RF Capacitance technology. A guarded probe and intrinsically safe probe circuit are provided. The alarm point is tip sensitive in conductive media and adjustable in non-conductive media. These units are integral systems with the sensing probe mounted with the electronics.
• Sensitive and stable electronics detect even the most non-conductive hydrocarbons
• Guard circuit and probe reject build-up of conductive media
• Equipped with a 316 SS/Ryton probe available in 18" (450 mm) and 36" (920 mm) lengths
• Probe is ideal for high pressure applications – rated to 3500 psig at +100 F (240 bar at +40 C), 1750 psig at +200 F (120 bar at +95 C)
• Intrinsically safe probe circuitry allows safe use even with bare probes in hazardous media
• 5A DPDT relay is usable in most standard alarm applications
• LED shows the status of the relay and aids in calibration and troubleshooting
• Zero to 45 second time delay feature eliminates relay "chatter" due to turbulence
• Field selectable high level/low level failsafe
• High temperature/pressure liquids
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Magnetrol 2 liquid sensors/point level switch 18