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New port 9016 high-density laser diode controller

Article Sent By: (Adam Cherry)
Adam Cherry is presenting: New port 9016 high-density laser diode controller
Newport 9016 Modular High-Density Laser Diode Controller
* Complete System Controller and and processor loaded with 16 Channel Applications
* EDFA Pumping or DWDM Signal Sources
* Outputs Configured for Either Floating or Common Anode Type LD Package Styles
* IEEE-488 (GPIB) and RS-232C Interfaces
The 9016 High-Density Laser Diode Modular Controllers expand on Newport's modular laser diode controller concept to meet the higher channel densities found in Dense WDM (DWDM) applications and 2-D VCSEL arrays where all the lasers have similar electrical configurations. The eight or sixteen bays accept an array of LDD, TEC, and LDD/TEC combo modules.
The mainframe automatically detects which module is installed in each bay and displays the system configuration on a large LCD screen. A sophisticated processor provides enhanced system control and data collection capabilities.
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