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Icom pcr-1000 computer controlled scanner

Article Sent By: (Clyde Pacheco)
Clyde Pacheco is presenting: Icom pcr-1000 computer controlled scanner
I purchased this excellent product in 1999 for £350, but I have never had the spare time to indulge in my interest (I was once an avid SWL using SSB equipment). The PCR-1000 is still on the market, and there are aftermarket add-ons available, including facilities to capture data comms.
This is the unblocked uk version 0.5 - 1300 mhz, no gaps.
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The whole world in a little black box! At home or on the road... easy, powerful world band radio. 100% controlled by Windows™.
Wideband coverage: 0.5 mHz - 1.3 GHz
Modes: AM, FM, WFM, SSB (USB, LSB), CW
Unlimited number of memory channels
This is a PC peripheral receiver that requires no internal hardware additions or modifications. The IC-PCR1000 is plug and play convenience at its best. Since the IC-PCR1000 is about the same size as an Iomega® ZIP™ drive, you can easily take your hobby with you! The receiver fits right in a laptop bag or briefcase. Click on an image to the right to view a larger version.
The frequency scope shows the band activity centered around the current operating frequency.
Digital Auto Frequency Control (AFC) circuit to compensate for frequency drift in FM mode.
The Auto Mode Function is great for beginners. You input a frequency, and the IC-PCR1000 automatically selects the correct mode based on the frequency band.
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Icom pcr-1000 computer controlled scanner Icom pcr-1000 computer controlled scanner