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13" leblond lathe parts cross feed nut

Article Sent By: (Hilary Hahn)
Hilary Hahn is presenting: 13" leblond lathe parts cross feed nut
One new shop made cross feed nut. Machined from SAE660 bronze. For Leblond 13" lathes with back lash adjustment to compensate for wear in screw and minimize or eliminate backlash.
This nut has a 3/4-8 L.H. Acme thread with a ..8120 dia. x .250 mounting boss and a 1/2-20 mounting bolt thread. Please compare these dimensions to existing part to determine compatibility. I am a retired toolmaker and have been making replacement parts for my own machines and custom parts for other machines on request. I will be listing additional spare parts that I have made.
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