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10 million us target visitors to your site-hot traffic

Article Sent By: (Wilda Mcconnell)
Wilda Mcconnell is presenting: 10 million us target visitors to your site-hot traffic
Expansion of our Network Resources affords us ADNETWORKZ rights
Advertising=More Traffic=More Profit & Success
What is the story about WEBSITE TRAFFIC and this elusive neccessity???
Websites are being dumped onto the web at an unbelievable rate. Each is vying for the attention of the viewers to successfully achieve the intended goal-a sale, a signup,an email,a download.
Many spend thousands of dollars and months of manhours in design of the site for appeal,optimization of the te for maximum performance in the search engines/directories for submission inclusion. Now begins the process of submission to build linking and secure indexing of your site for inclusion in the search engines.These processes are necessary and effective for long term results but are also based on the relevance of your site to its subject matter as determined by the # of visitors the site receives. This promotional strategy is ONLY a portion of the "BIG PICTURE" meanwhile dozens of ther sites have made "the sale"
During the course of 2005; we were assisted by a large private traffic network in the restructuring of our delivery systems to achieve maximum potential for our growing client base and development of procedures to insure delivery. In late 2005; we were given the opportunity to acquire portions of the same network resources which have been and are being integrated further to form a solid delivery network for advertising across the web.
Our network delivery system is set to deliver via one of the most aggressive direct-drive advertising methods available while remaining unobtrusive to the viewer. We utilize POPUNDER technology to deliver the advertisememnts of our clients across the web....
We have publishers and partners and affiliates-As well as sites we own-that we pay to allow code on their sites to spawn these popunders from their sites. These site owners are chosen to participate in these programs because they operate sites that get large volumes of daily traffic and thus provide us many popunders under their own sites as they get visits.
Each of those popunders is a minimum of 1/2 page size(APPX. 500x500 pixels)and the content of each is contoled by one of our adservers which loads our ad clients content on a rotational basis.
Our delivery system along with the flexibility of the popunder delivery medium allows us the flexibility to deliver targeted traffic or untargeted by IP, Language,Category, and-EVEN our NEW keyword Driven popunders.
All visitors are raw in nature meaning that we do not prevent a visitor from viewing your site again or prevent it from counting against your total. This is sometimes to the advertisers benefit as it is a proven theory the average internet surfer must see an ad 3 times before giving it consideration if not the intended target.
We provide count for the delivered amount as 3rd party off-server tracking proves unreliable.
Your site including coding/content as well as server/hosting must be sufficient to accomodate load/bandwidth/resources as they will increase as will be evidenced by logs. We hold no liability for downtime/added costs for instances related to traffic.
We do not accept sites with adult,hate,illegal,virus/malicious content,browser-altering, and sites with limited 2nd windows as we deem appropriate( We accomodate sites spawning a 2nd window 1 of 8 times)
Violations will result in termination w/no refund.
(please look at our rules and privacy policy)
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