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Drake R8A shortwave receiver - ham radio

Article Sent By: (Jeffery Fields)
Jeffery Fields is presenting: Drake R8A shortwave receiver - ham radio
Two VFOs (tuners) called A and B, are provided on the R8A. Selection is made with the VFO function key. Frequencies can be directly entered through the keypad. A programmable memory area allows for 440 nonvolatile alphanumeric memories. The following may be stored in any memory location: frequency, mode, bandwidth, AGC setting, RF setting, antenna, notch on/off, noise blanker setting and synchronous detector on/off. As a result of three scan methods and three scan modes; nine distinct scan functions are supported in the R8A. The three methods are: Stop at carrier detect, Pause 5 seconds on carrier and Pause at carrier until carrier drops for 5 seconds, then resume scan. The three modes are: Scan all memories, all unlocked memories of user-selected list or Scan from VFO A to B. The memory scanning speed has been increased to 40 channels per second.
The R8A has two 24 hour clock-timers to allow the R8A to turn on and off at preset times. The AC input voltage is switch selectable. In addition, the rear panel Timer connection (5 pin DIN) allows control of small recorders, etc. to record a favorite program. The R8A rear panel provides a common DB-9 connector for standard RS-232C data communications with a terminal or personal computer (9600,1,7,1,even). This interface provides complete control and programming capability of the R8A including reports of frequency, mode, memory channel, name and signal strength. Only the analog controls such as volume, RF gain, etc. are not controllable. There is also antenna inputs for coaxial lead in for wire type antennas.
Improvements in the "A" model include:
* Improved Ergonomics: Single key presses will select your mode and bandwidth.
* More Memories: 440 memory positions.
* Faster Scanning: Scan 40 channels per second.
* Alphanumeric Display: Program names may be displayed on the front panel.
* Display & Entry Frequencies: User programmable in kHz or MHz.
* Cabinet Feet: Front panel tilt via a metal bail.
* Event Timers/Clocks: Two Timers. The time may be programmed to remain on at all times.
* Improved AGC: The AGC has a smoother attack for improved SSB listening.
* Tone Control: Expanded control of high frequency range.
* FM Receive Mode: New highpass filter to reduce sub-audible tone squelch signals.
* Line Cord: New detachable power cord.
* Expanded RS-232 Control: Allows customized reports of frequency, mode, memory, channel, name, and signal strength. "
Pictures, details, etc. available upon request. Contact me by email @ or by telephone, toll free, at 866-RADIO-05.
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