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Contractor power point ad show tool drill & hammer $$'s

Article Sent By: (Carey Raymond)
Carey Raymond is presenting: Contractor power point ad show tool drill & hammer $$'s
This listing is for a power point advertising presentation that you can use, and if you do not have the means, I can CUSTOM BUILD FOR YOU for a reasonable additional fee listed below. If you know how to type, or maybe scan and email your handwritten literature but do not know Power Point, this item is for you.
You will have to make any changes you wish to my personal material, and supply me with your changes and your pictures etc.
IF I HAVE TO DO THE "CUSTOM BUILDING" of the presentation, IT WILL COST YOU AN ADDITIONAL $49.99 (includes upt to 5 pages including pictures, Add $10/additional page), AND IT WILL INVOLVE A TOTAL OF 4 BACK AND FORTH emails.
THE 1ST ONE WILL BE YOUR ADJUSTMENTS that will be specific and will include page numbers they have to be made, AND YOUR PICTURES that will be requested to be inserted "clearly listing the page number" and "location" per each picture.
THE 4TH WILL BE MY FINAL VERSION BACK TO YOU. After I have completed my final version according to your specifications, there will a $4.99 charge prepaid per Additional incident email I will have to deal with if it involves further changes in the presentation.
I have totally spend over 15 hours in this presentation, not counting multiple hours spent in tuning it up. If you decide for me to "custom" build it for you, I can put in ANY type of YOUR material that you like to focus your SHOW.
After been in the construction arena (design/build) for a period of over 18 years, specializing in Kitchens, baths, additions, basement finishes, etc, "turn-key" type of projects, I have semi-retired, and I know do part time repairs, and other business ventures.
I have personally created this KILLER "Power Point" presentation focusing in my repairs experience, that keeps me so busy, I have to turn business away...literally. (I now work only when I want to, and in an area on not over 11 miles from my home base saving me lots of time and gas.)
Of course, your success rate might vary depending on your connections, and leads. I have built a very large client base for a period of over 18 years and all those clients and friends, are nice enough when I request them they e-mail this presentation to their friends, or when I know someone in a specific subdivision and get my hands on their emailing list, all I have to shoot is the power point presentation and I achieve GREAT return results, MUCH better than ANY costly advertising I have done in the past.
If you are serious about your career as a repairman, or contractor specializing in repairs, you will find this your best investment ever made for your advertising material. Forget all the newspaper ads that have you forking out money, and running around for "FREE" estimates that you only get back 1/10. Do things the SMART way. USE the Power of the Internet and get those jobs On Demand, like I do.
OF COURSE! I TRUST your good intent that I will offer you a 100% money back warranty. My only requirement to qualify you for your money back, is your swearing to me (with your hand over the bible) and sending me an email that you have done so, promising that you have not found my material useful, and that you will NOT use or share any of my material, and that you will delete it from your computer.) Of course it is common sense that this warranty applies only to your initial investment and it is voided after you have continued in your investment with the "custom build" show.
The editable format is what you need to make the changes, and create the show.
If you are serious about working in the general repairs field, I quarantee you this will be the best investment you will ever make in your self promotion field.
If you need pointers and info on how you can do the repairs in a quality way to match your promises, I'd be happy to supply you with some personal methods. Oh, this show also contains some "sample" pricing for most of the general repairs, so you will have a very easy time having your estimate accepted.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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