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Hp agilent 7090A color plotter data plotting gpib nores

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Violet Black is presenting: Hp agilent 7090A color plotter data plotting gpib nores
HP Agilent 7090A Color Plotter Data Plotting GPIB NoRes
* DC to 3 kHz bandwidth, 33.3 kHz sampling rate
* 3 channels with simultaneous sampling
* 12-bit resolution, 1000-word buffer/channel
* 6 trigger modes with up to 100% pre-trigger capture
* Full programmability and data transfer over HP-IB
Channels: 3 - floating, guarded
* Sensitivity: 5 mV to 100 V full scale
* Zero Offset: 2 x full scale or ±100 V max
* Impedance: 1 Mohm, shunted by 45 pF (nominal)
* Maximum Input: 200 V dc or peak
* Timebase Buffer Mode: 30 ms to 24 hour
* Timebase Direct Mode: 1 sec to 24 hours
* Internal Trigger: Inside or outside window to capture repetitive signals, inside resets with each reverse transition; above or below level, selectable over the full-scale range in 1.0%of range increments (nominal); source, channel 1
* External Trigger: BNC connector, TTL level or contact closure to ground
* Manual Trigger: Available from front panel controls
* Writing System: 6-pen carousel
* Media: Paper and overhead transparency film; A4/A (210 x 297 mm/8 x 11 in), or A3/B (297 x 420 mm/11 x 17 in)
* Writing System Size: 575.0 mm W x 205.5 mm H x 465.0 D (2.6 in x 8.1 in x 18.3 in)
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Item Working Condition: Partially Tested
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