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Hp 28687A wire test instrument 10BASET utp cable tester

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Mallory Burks is presenting: Hp 28687A wire test instrument 10BASET utp cable tester
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HP 28687A Wire Test Instrument 10BaseT UTP Cable Tester
Network downtime is expensive, daily business depends on a functional network. With the Agilent HP 28687A Wire Test Instrument, cable problems can be easily and quickly identified. This lightweight, portable unit saves time by simplifying the complex task of testing twisted-pair cabling. Individual tests or combinations of tests can be run, and up to 24 pairs (12 10BASE-T connections) can be tested simultaneously. An alphanumeric display steps you through the test procedures and gives you complete diagnostic information when you want it. For added flexibility the 28687A evaluates both bundled 25-pair and individual 4-pair twisted-pair cabling. Monitor function allows user-selected tests to be performed over a 24-hour period.
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