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Norton avos 7" trial kit -sanding buffing

Article Sent By: (Elaine George)
Elaine George is presenting: Norton avos 7" trial kit -sanding buffing
Mounting Hints For Avos Speed-Lok Discs
Lock the AVOS Speed-Lok back-up pad with the appropriate threaded locknut provided onto the right angle grinder.
Note: without the AVOS abrasive disc as shown.
Center the AVOS Speed-Lok abrasive disc opposite the holes on the back-up pad on the grinder as shown.
Note: press the grinder's brake to stop the back-up pad from turning.
Push the AVOS Speed-Lok disc in with the palm of your hand and rotate clockwise until you hear and feel the click onto the locknut.
Note: the holes align perfectly
Fibre/Bear-Tex Trial Kit. 2 Each Of F944 36, 50 Grit. 2 Bear-Tex Coarse. 1 5/8-11 Speed-Lok Back Up Pad
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