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New haas HRT210-sp-b compact-housing rotary table

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Roberta Mcknight is presenting: New haas HRT210-sp-b compact-housing rotary table
For holding small to large parts or fixtures, the HRT series of horizontal/vertical rotary tables is the answer. Available in sizes from 110 mm to 600 mm, these rugged, heavy-duty rotary tables can accomadate parts and fixtures weighing up to 1,475 lb. Chucks and fixtures can easily be bolted to the table using the six precision T-slots.
The HRT series comes in six platter sizes:
Super High-Speed, High-Speed, High-Accuracy, Compact-Housing and Dual-Platter versions are available. A1 Spindle Nose versions are also available. Contact us for more information on the HRT series rotary table best suited for your application. (***) 718-6734
This listing is for the HAAS HRT210SP Compact-Housing T-Slotted Rotary Table.
Haas HRT210 rotary tables are rugged, heavy-duty tables featuring an 8.27" palter that can hold parts and fixtures up to 165 pounds. Chucks and fixtures can be easily bolted to the table using the six machined T-slots.
The HRT SP series gives you the same features and benefits as the standard HRT series, but with the motor wrapped behind the table to give substantially shorter overall length and help you fit a lot of table into a small work envelope. The HRT210SP is also available with an A1-6 platter for slight additional cost.
* Coolant-resistant polyurethane conduit and seals
* Fast, easy, flexible programming
* Direct connection to Haas machines
* Linear, arc and spiral milling
* High accuracy & repeatability
LIST PRICE: $11,995 // SALE PRICE: $11,395
At the heart of all Haas rotary products is the Haas Servo Control. Refined by more than two decades of development, it offers the utmost in versatility, coupled with fast, easy, flexible programming. The Haas control always incorporates the latest high-speed microprocessor and drive technology.
Haas' exclusive software replaces failure-prone mechanical components, and includes a self diagnostic subroutine that maximizes uptime. A single circuit board controls all main functions.
Using the control's standard features, odd-number bolt circles and uneven hole spacing are easily performed with simple programming.
You can program the control to rotate the spindle in either direction, in step sizes from 0.001° to 999.999°. There can be up to 99 different steps in memory, and each step can be repeated (or looped) up to 999 times. The memory is non-volatile, so programs are fully retained, even when the power is off. You may store up to 10 separate programs. The Servo Control has an RS-232 interface for communication with your PC.
There are two ways to order Haas rotary products: with a servo control unit (see stand alone), or without. Every Haas rotary product can be used on both Haas CNC machines and other brands using a Haas servo control unit. When ordering a Haas rotary product for use on a Haas machining center with built-in 4th and/or 5th-axis drive, it is not necessary to purchase the configuration that includes a servo control unit. However, it is suggested you purchase the servo control unit with your rotary unit so you can use your rotary unit on other machines or independently.
Feel free to call Machinery Exchange if you have any questions. We will help you find the correct configuration for your machine. (***) 718-6734 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST
Haas rotary products with model numbers ending in "-B" include a brushless servo control unit. This rotary option, referred to as "Stand Alone" configuration, can be used on any make of machine as a semi-4th axis, or independently, using the included servo control unit. The rotary unit will also plug directly into Haas CNC machines with brushless AC drive(s).
Haas rotary products with model numbers ending in "-CNCB" do not include a servo control unit if it is a single-axis rotary product. A servo control unit is included with dual-axis rotary products. This rotary option, referred to as "CNC Configuration", is designed to be used on Haas CNC machines with brushless AC 4th-axis drive. The rotary unit is programmed through the Haas machining center's control, providing true 4th-axis capabilities. Dual-axis rotary units use the included servo control unit to program the secondary axis. CNC Configuration rotary products can be used on a Haas CNC machine with brush DC 4th-axis drive by installing a brush-to-brushless conversion kit. Contact us for more info.
Haas rotary products with model numbers ending in "-5XB" are dual-axis rotary products that do not include a servo control unit. This rotary option, refered to as "Five Axis Configuration", is designed to be used on Haas CNC machines with, both, a brushless AC 4th-axis amplifier and brushless AC 5th-axis amplifier. The dual-axis rotary product is programmed through the Haas machining center's control, providing true 4th and 5th-axis capabilities. Five Axis Configuration rotary products can be used on a Haas CNC machine with brush DC 4-axis and/or brush DC 5th-axis drive(s) using a brush-to-brushless conversion kit(s).
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
*Dimensions are in inches, unless otherwise noted.
* Haas Programmable Servo Control Unit
Manual Tailstock, 6" Center Height
Pneumatic Tailstock, 6" Center Height
Model HRT210 Fixturing Accessories
A-Frame Support, Needle Bearing, for HRT210M (7" Center)
QuikChange™ System (cubes or plates not included)
QuikChange™ Cube (4.55" cubed)
QuikChange™ Plate and Support
QuikChange™ Plate Only (8"w x 10l x 1")
Complete Tooling Block System (12"length x 4.5"sq)
Complete Tooling Block (20" length x 4.5" sq)
Aluminum Tombstone Only, 4.5" x 4.5" x 12"
Aluminum Tombstone Only 4.5" x 4.5" x 20"
A-Frame Support Only, HRT210 (6" Center)
A-Frame Support, Plain Bearing, for HRT210M (7" Center)
A-Frame Support for HRT210 w/Half Plain Bearing
28.5' Cable for HRT210 & down size. Long cable in place of standard length cable. Add COR4895 as line item.
Extra CNC Interface Cable-15 ft.
Extra CNC Interface Cable-30 ft.
CNC Interface Cable for Haas Machines
*Prices subject to change without notice.
All warranty work is provided at Haas Automation, Inc. in Oxnard, California. The user is responsible for first obtaining an RMA number, and then returning the unit directly to Haas Automation's factory. When warranty work is complete they will return the unit, freight pre-paid, via ground service. Allow 10 working days for repairs. Faster turn-around is available at additional cost.
Haas Rotary Products are built-to-order. Average lead time on Haas rotary units is 4-6 weeks. Average lead time on Haas rotary accessories is 1-2 weeks. Actual turn-around time varies depending on the item ordered. Please contact us for availability prior to placing your order.
You are encouraged to contact us prior to placing an order. We are here to help you choose the best Haas rotary solution for your needs. Please note that any suggestion to set up your application is based on the information you provide to us; we can not truly know your application. The user is solely responsible for properly sizing the rotary product to the work required and ordering the correct rotary product.
Here are two good rules of thumb: The working size of the part should not exceed the diameter of the worm gear. Working outside this dimension requires significantly lower feeds and loads. And, the part and fixture should not exceed on-half the weight of the indexing device without tailstock.
With 20 years in business, we understand some times machine shops must prepare for those just-in-case jobs. Whether you are tooling-up to take advantage of a tool budget or preparing for a possible contract, its safe to place your order with us. Machinery Exchange, Inc. offers an exclusive 30-day return privilege on all Haas rotary products. You have 30-days from the date of receipt to return or exchange the new, unused item in its original packaging. Returned items showing any signs of use will not be accepted.
Haas Automation, Inc. has set the industry standard in precision and performance. We are proud to offer their complete line of rotary products and back them as the best in the industry. The accuracy of Haas Rotary products is measured in an unloaded condition, without any attachments. It is important to note that your indexing accuracy results can be affected by a number of things, including the fixtures used, the size and weight of the part, off-center parts, outboard supports, tailstock pressure, off-axis drilling and milling, inadequate or uneven fixture mounting surfaces, out of alignment (TIR) tailstocks or supports.
Click here for the Haas Rotary Brochure
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