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Milwaukee 4-1/2" magnum® sander/grinder

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Floyd Guerra is presenting: Milwaukee 4-1/2" magnum® sander/grinder
* The 6148 Magnum® series 4-1/2" 8.5 amp grinder is ideal for getting into tight spaces where other grinders can not. Its low profile and light weight make it perfect for those medium duty sanding and grinding projects. An integrated lock-off button is featured in the paddle switch. A lock-on button is also available for continuous use operations. The tool is double insulated (two prong cord) and incorporates the industry standard 5/8-11 threaded arbor. Like its heavy duty big brothers, it also has spiral bevel gears for optimum transmission of torque to the work piece. The comfortable body grip style is easy to hold onto, and in conjunction with the supplied side handle, allows for maximum operator control. The side handle can be attached in three locations. The wheel guard can be moved around the spindle (without the use of tools) for greatest operator protection. Sold as a grinder with guard, this tool can be used as a sander when a 4-1/2" backing pad and disc are attached.
* Spiral bevel gearing for performance and durability
* All ball and roller bearing construction
* Tool-free adjustable wheel guard
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Milwaukee 4-1/2