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500' coil of 1/2" safelink mr. pex tubing

Article Sent By: (Annabelle Wade)
Annabelle Wade is presenting: 500' coil of 1/2" safelink mr. pex tubing
500' of 1/2" I.D. Safelink "Mr. Pex" tubing for Radiant Heating.
New condition, in original box. Tubing is rated for 100 psi at 180 deg F., certified by NSF-rfh for radiant heating, and is rated to ASTM F 876/877 standards. Tubing also has an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier to protect iron and other ferrous components in your heating system (such as your boiler!), and Safelink's "Mr. Pex" is known for its flexibility. "Mr. Pex" himself, Tomas Lenman, is one of the world's foremost PEX engineers with decades of experience developing PEX products.
We recommend PEX pipe for concrete or joist installations for ease of workability. Note that PEX pipe does expand at 1.1" per 100' per 10 deg F. temperature change and so in installations that have limited ability to handle expansion, we recommend PEX-AL-PEX pipe instead. In joist applications, tubing expansion must be accomodated to prevent noise issues.
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500' coil of 1/2