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3 pc 5/16" cut-off parting & grooving mini lathe tool

Article Sent By: (Isabel Benjamin)
Isabel Benjamin is presenting: 3 pc 5/16" cut-off parting & grooving mini lathe tool
Heavy Duty Cut-Off Parting & Grooving Tool
More Reliable and Stronger than Blade Type Tool Holders
Absolutely the Longest Life Tools
Heavy Duty Solid M2 Steel precision cold oil ground
For cutting all types of materials
No more Problems with vibrating or loose blades
Designed for Med size & Mini Lathes for
Sits rigged in the tool post will not go loose
Handles twice as much torque as conventional blade tool holders
less vibrations at all surface speeds
Made from solid hardened M2 tool steel
Can be sharpened many times with out the need for shimming
Shank width / Length Tolerance ( +/- 0.0015")for instant alignment with the tool post
Can be used with Speeds up to 4000 RPM on brass and up to 2500 RPM on steel
If not satisfied with this product Just return it within 10 days for a full refund
5/16" M2 Square shank parting tool Ground in the USA
Cutting Width ( 0.060" - 0.064")
Max Cutting Diameter ( 1.000")
Tip Height ( 0.3125" +/- 0.0025")
Shank Width / Length Tolerance (0.0015")
Brass (Alloy 360,464,485) Hard, 1/2 Hard & 1/4 Hard ( All Types )
Copper (Alloy 110,147,145) 1/2 Hard & Full Hard ( All Types )
Bronze (Alloy 316) 1/2 Hard ( All Types )
Aluminum All types: 2011,2017,2024,4032,6061,6063,6262,7075 Tempered
Plastics All Machineable Types
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3 pc 5/16