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18" tubular skylight, tube skylights

Article Sent By: (Jerry Mcbride)
Jerry Mcbride is presenting: 18" tubular skylight, tube skylights
Thinking about lighting up some dark rooms? Here is the answer. This skylight is constructed of seamless thick aluminum disc, so it will not leak! It installs in less than two hours and it is not a complicated task! No special tools are required! Homeowner installation does NOT void warranty!
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Known as the "Contactor's Choice"
Best engineered product on the market
Heavy gauge aluminum throughout-NO PLASTIC and NO SHEET METAL
Hurricane proof- view the video clip of a 9 pound 2 x 4 being shot out of a cannon and hitting the skylight dome at fifty feet per second! This test requires that the unit be impacted twice in a row and then subjected to hurricane force winds and rain! THIS IS THE ONLY UNIT TO PASS UTILIZING AN ACRYLIC DOME. http:// /pages/hurricane.html
Available in four sizes-10",13", 18" and 21" diameters
Tremendous product support, solutions for all situations.
Mill finish allows for easy painting to match roof color. The picture shows a flashing painted black. Paint the flashing to match your shingles.
Tubular Skylights are energy efficient high performance lighting systems that are cylindrical in shape and are designed to light rooms up with natural sunlight. A small clear collector dome on the roof allows sunlight to enter into a highly reflective "light pipe" that extends from the roof level to the ceiling level. The light pipe is coated with a silver finish mirror quality that allows the full spectrum of sunlight to be channeled and dispersed evenly into a room through the means of a diffuser located in the ceiling.
Tubular Skylights are designed not to compromise roof integrity; it minimizes the size of roof penetrations, is weather-tight in design and made to totally eliminate the chance of leaks.
Why Tubular instead of Traditional Skylights?
Tubular Skylights emit more light per given area, because of the high reflectivity of the mirror-like light pipe.
Tubular Skylights are far more energy efficient, the cylindrical design minimizes the area for direct light to enter and heat up the area, the thin light pipe radiates any collected heat into the attic area. Since the light pipe acts as a sealed shaft, very little heat escapes up the light pipe, whereas a tremendous amount of heat rises up the large shaft of traditional skylights.
Tubular Skylights scatter 100% of the natural light spectrum through the use of a diffuser, thereby eliminating the spot light effect common with the traditional system.
99% of harmful UV rays are absorbed by the tubular skylights special dome, light pipe and diffuser material, thereby eliminating the bleaching effect on rugs and furniture.
Tubular Skylights are far more economical; a tubular skylight can be installed in less that two hours-a fraction of the time it takes to install a traditional skylight. No painting, no frame work and no drywall required for installation of a tubular skylight.
When it comes to tubular skylights, Natural Light is Engineered to be the best and it is the
High quality materials throughout ensure no callbacks!
Adapts to any type of roof system.
Easy installation - very few steps to complete entire installation.
Very attractive unit due to the ultra low profile.
Seamless to ensure no leakage.
Exclusive dome stress ring isolates environmental stressing of the dome ensuring weather tight, long lasting fit.
All Tubular Skylights work, here is why Natural Light is
The flashing is extremely important, as it is responsible for keeping your roof from leaking. It is exposed to the harsh effects of the environment on a daily basis. Our flashing is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with no seams, and its round shape minimizes damage to roof shingles and enables it to withstand the stresses of expansion and contraction due to the temperature variations. Our competitors use cheaper grade galvanized materials or plastic with tack welded or rolled seams. Our unique forward sloping flashing design eliminates the use of light robbing elbows that the competition uses in almost all applications.
The dome allows for the sunlight to enter into the light pipe and it too is exposed to the environment. Our dome is constructed of hi-impact UV stabilized acrylic that is twice as thick as our competitors. Unlike most of the competition our low profile appearance allows the skylight to blend into the surrounding roof structure. Most importantly, our dome is mounted in a stress absorbing seamless aluminum collar, which exerts the pressure caused, by expansion and contraction due to temperature effects evenly over the dome. All our competitors attach their dome directly to the flashing that stresses the dome at the contact points. Dissimilar materials react to temperature effects differently, which causes stress cracks to develop.
Manufactured by the leading firm in the industry, our light pipe is one of the best performing in the industry. Most of the competition uses cheaper grade light pipe, thinner gauge or less reflective. Our light pipe is assembled on site with three securing methods ensuring a tight, dust free seal.
The trim ring and diffuser assembly is the only piece in the entire kit that the homeowner sees on a daily basis, and it's the only item that the homeowner will ever touch. Our trim ring is constructed of seamless aluminum and is powder coated white in color. All of our competition offers plastic, and many have unsightly plastic tabs that hold the ring in place. Our diffuser easily snaps into place for ease of cleaning, yet it provides a tight seal to ensure heat loss up the light pipe. It's constructed of hi-impact acrylic, which makes it virtually unbreakable. Our diffuser is designed with a small arc that provides even light distribution without spotlight effects. Our competition offers primarily flat diffusers that are brittle and is not able to spread the light out as far.
We offer several options to enhance our products. The Super Vent Fan is constructed of an all aluminum cowling that surrounds the trim ring of the skylight to provide a combination bathroom ventilation and lighting system. The fan that exhausts the air is the quietest fan on the market and provides 125 cfm of air exchange which is more than twice what typical bathroom vents provide. We offer a easy to install light kit that provides light through the tubular skylight during the evening hours.
Because of the quality of the materials that go into our product, our product will remain structurally sound in any environment for a lifetime, and our warranty reflects this quality by backing up our products with an industry leading 25 years.
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I have sold and installed these units for years, there is nobody that knows these units better.
If you have any questions about our product or how they compare with our competitors-CALL ME.... I install these units everyday.
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