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New 16" john deere CS40 pro-series™ chain saw

Article Sent By: (Francine Carter)
Francine Carter is presenting: New 16" john deere CS40 pro-series™ chain saw
NEW 16" John Deere CS40 Pro-Series™ Chain Saw
Best power-to-weight ratio in its class
Lightweight professional saw at 9.3 pounds (4.2 kg)
Available bar sizes - 14 to 18 inches
Inertia chain brake, guide bar safety tip and low kickback chain allow for safer operation
Progressive torque provides high-speed cutting and unexcelled productivity
Ergonomically designed for maneuverability, operating ease and comfort
Connecting rod is forged for durability and strength and wafered for better lubrication and heat dissipation of bearings
Heavy-duty caged bearings for longer life
Easy maintenance; no-tool access to air filter and spark plug
No-oil-at-idle feature reduces oil consumption and keeps the environment cleaner
Designed for limbing, pruning, felling small trees, cutting firewood and most other jobs around the farm and home
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